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Library Guide for Administrators: Tools

מדריך לספרייה עבור ראשי מינהל
Any questions via
or WhatsApp
Subject Contact Person Telephone
Life Sciences & Chemistry Marina Sandler 08-934-3695
Math & Physics Yifat Belous 08-934-3438
Science Teaching Alon Abramovitz 08-934-3188
Research Publications Sarah Strauss 08-934-3359
Archives Mati Beinenson 08-934-3007
Chief Librarian Joan Kolarik 08-934-4995


Services for Scientists

Important:  The Library budget can be used to purchase electronic format or content which is only available in print format.  If a suitable electronic format is available, but you want to purchase print format, then the purchase must be from your own budget.

APC Discount for Open Access Publication

Researcher publishing Open Access (OA)?  Grant requires OA?  Every publisher and journal has different rules and options - contact the Library for specific answers!

IMPORTANT!  The Horizon 2020 grants are being replaced by Horizon Europe and this brings big changes.


* APC = Article Processing Charge at publishers for "gold" open access publication

Library News

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