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by Joan Kolarik on 2022-01-26T18:02:00+02:00 in multidisciplinary, scientists | 0 Comments

The Library has a new subscription to and integration with the Altmetric database.  (altmetrics is the term; Altmetric is the product)

Via Altmetric, you can view mentions of Weizmann research in social media, policy documents, patents, news, blogs, and more.  Anyone with a Weizmann email can register @

The articles, books, and chapters from WIS Works (Weizmann's research repository) have been added together with department relationships.  That allows us to view altmetrics by researcher, by department, by faculty, .... 

The database is updated weekly (Mondays) with new Weizmann publications.  Only publications with a DOI, PMID, ISBN, or arXiv ID are tracked.

You can learn all sorts of interesting things here:

And so much more.

If you have a Weizmann email, you can register for an account giving you access to the full Altmetric database.  This means that if you click on an Altmetric medallion anywhere you can view all mentions and any Altmetric page as an entry point into the Altmetric Explorer.  For example, after clicking on an Altmetric medallion seen on an article in WIS Works, you will see a button at the top to "Access Altmetric Explorer".  People without an account can only see a limited number of results and don't see the button.

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