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APCs Free-to-You from American Chemical Society + More Publishers in 2022!

by Joan Kolarik on 2022-01-02T11:22:00+02:00 in scientists, library | Comments

The Weizmann Institute Library is thrilled to continue offering Weizmann researchers more APC discounts!

For the year 2022, we have "Read & Publish" agreements with 15 publishers on 100% coverage of Article Processing Charges (APC) for open access publication together with the Library's subscription agreements!

All articles with a Weizmann corresponding author which are accepted between 1 January and 31 December by the publishers listed above can be made Open Access without the need to pay an APC to the publisher.  Follow the links above for specific details...

(hybrid only* = hybrid journals are where Weizmann authors usually publish.  They are "hybrid", not "fully open access", i.e., it is possible to publish open access and pay an APC or publish closed access without paying.  In fully open access journals there is only the option of publishing open access.)

Some other publishers also provide varying discounts, for example, Sage.

NOTE!  New grants with Horizon Europe have VERY different requirements from Horizon 2020 grants.  If you receive a Horizon Europe grant, please review your publishing requirements with the Grants Department.  More information...

These are NOT FREE APCs.  The Library is paying an additional cost for this service.  In the case of these publishers, the Read & Publish* deal offered was good enough that it has been decided to fund this new model.

These agreements are part of a huge market shift and this shift is still in process.  The fact that we were able to reach reasonable agreements with these publishers does not guarantee that we will be able to reach equally beneficial agreements in the future, but your Library will be working to make agreements like this more common.

If this new service is helpful to you, if you have suggestions for improvements, or if you just want to comment in general, please write to feedback is an essential part of our work.

* Read&Publish model = the Read portion of the agreement covers subscription costs, the Publish portion covers APC costs

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