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Library Guide for Scientists: About Our Library

Unique Library Guide for Weizmann Scientists

Library Services

Important:  The Library budget can be used to purchase electronic format or content which is only available in print format.  If a suitable electronic format is available, but you want to purchase print format, then the purchase must be from your own budget.

About Our Library

The Weizmann Institute Libraries include the Central Library, Faculty libraries, a virtual Library, and the Weizmann Institute Archives.

Library building access is available 24/7 to Weizmann academic staff and students.   Enter Library buildings outside working hours using your staff/student card.

Our collections:

  • Online, electronic (virtual) materials comprise the majority of our collection -- 88% of our books and 97% of our archival and current journals
  • Faculty libraries contain physical books relevant to specific research areas
  • The Central Library contains multiple subject collections and serves as our headquarters, managing and coordinating library activities and services
  • The Weizmann Archive preserves and documents the history of the Institute, including managing the laboratory notebook archive