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Borrowing & Self-Check

Borrow a Book from the Library

Staff and students can borrow books freely from the Institute Libraries.  Loans are performed using the self-check workstation.  Books can be borrowed for two weeks and renewed for an additional two weeks if no hold requests have been made for the title.  When due, books must be returned to the library.  Visiting scientists can request to borrow books using the following form.

Books can be borrowed 24/7 via the library’s self-check system.  The self-check workstations are located next to the exit in every library and are accessible to any user with a valid employee or student card.

Use a Self-Check Computer

There are 6 self-check computers: 2 in the Weitz Central Library, 1 in the Mathematics Library, 1 in the Physics Library, 1 in Goldschleger Library and 1 in the Science Teaching Library. 

  1. Scan your employee/student card or enter your Weizmann ID
    **If you don’t know your Weizmann ID, you cannot use the self-check workstation to borrow a book.  You can manually fill in a paper checkout form and leave it in the box on the circulation counter.
  2. Click Submit
  3. Scan or type the barcode of the book you want to borrow.  The barcode can be found inside of the front cover.
  4. Click Submit
  5. The loan is complete once a line confirming the loan appears.  If you have more items, scan them one by one and click the Submit Button after each one.
  6. After you finish, end the session by clicking on the End Session button.  If for any reason the process doesn’t succeed, you can manually fill in a book card and leave it in the box on the counter next the self-check machine.